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At this point, you probably already know that switching to a VoIP phone system with UCaaS functionality can save your company a lot of money. 

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What you may not be aware of though, are the many ways that VoIP and UCaaS can also improve the customer experience—resulting in better interactions, and strengthening your image as a consumer-friendly organization.

Here are some of the most exciting benefits that VoIP and UCaaS can provide for your customers: 

Business Continuity:

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Relying on the publicly switched telephone network (PSTN) for your enterprise communications can leave your business vulnerable to unplanned network outages. 

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Network outages can stem from a variety of issues like severe weather, human error, system failure and so on. With VoIP and UCaaS, you can have a system in place to protect your company from outages. VoIP, for instance, can be fortified with 4G LTE failover so that if your local internet service goes down, you will still have connectivity.

A cloud-based UCaaS system will come with built-in geographic redundancy. UCaaS can leverage third party servers hosted off-site in secure locations. So if something happens to your facility or local area, your global employees, partners and customers will still be able to access core communications services.

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Enhanced Security:

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Privacy is a top concern for customers today. People doing business with your company will want to know that your organization is doing everything possible to protect their sensitive information. There is always the fear that someone could be snooping in and listening to a private phone call, and just waiting for a Social Security or personal identification number to be revealed. 

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While some people may argue that the PSTN is more secure than VoIP, that’s not necessarily true. After all, it’s possible to hack analog signals over a wired line using the right equipment. 

VoIP and UCaaS, however, can come with critical safeguards like end-to-end data encryption, firewall protection, 24/7 network monitoring and more. With this system in place, you can confidently tell your customers that their information is secure while it’s in transit. 

Data-driven Interactions:

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It’s likely that your company is already collecting a vast amount of customer data. But are you putting that data to work, or are you letting it sit, unused in backend databases? If the latter is the case, it’s time to change your approach. 

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UCaaS can be used in conjunction with leading customer relationship management (CRM) systems. This means that data can make it directly into the hands of agents during interactions—leading to data-driven conversations, faster resolutions, and personalized experiences.

Data can flow seamlessly into a UCaaS platform, meaning agents don’t have to toggle between various screens when interacting with a customer. All customer information can be easily accessed from a secure and centralized portal.

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Guaranteed Quality:

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Your voice system is a direct extension of your brand. For this reason, it’s important to make sure that your agents sound crystal clear over the phone, and are equipped with the tools that they need to properly engage with customers.

When you leverage a VoIP-enabled UCaaS system, you’ll benefit from SLA-backed quality guarantees. Agents will also have access to a variety of communications tools over a user-friendly interface. This includes voice, video, text, fax, and more.


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