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valentines day retail

The holiday shopping rush is over, which means we are now entering a brief financial slowdown. But this slowdown won’t last long. Valentine’s Day retail season is right around the corner, which means soon shoppers will be heading out looking for deals on gifts like cards, candy, clothing, accessories and more. 

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Last year, it should be noted, Valentine’s Day revenues topped $18.2 billion which comes down to about $136.57 per person. And this year, thanks to the new federal tax cuts, consumers will have even more money to pump back into the economy. 

You will want to make sure that your business is ready for the Valentine’s Day retail rush. Now is a great time to assess your current communications technologies and consider making critical upgrades to better accommodate customers once the busy shopping season starts again. 

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Here are some essential communications technologies to consider: 

High-Quality Phones

You can go out and hire the best agents on the market, but they will only be effective if they are using the right type of hardware. Make sure your agents are using high-quality and reliable phones that they will be comfortable using for long periods at a time. Look for high-definition voice quality, comfortable headsets, and easy navigability. 

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Seamless Failover

Even just a few minutes of network downtime can spell disaster for retailers during a busy time like Valentine’s Day. Look for communications solutions that provide seamless failover for guaranteed business continuity in the event of an unplanned service outage. Valentine’s Day is no time to experience an unplanned service outage. 

Mobile Applications

If your business isn’t yet using a mobile application, you’ll want to give it some serious consideration. According to one study, by 2020 it is estimated that 45 percent of all e-commerce will be conducted through mobile applications. Consider using a platform as a service solution that offers a mobile app. With this functionality already built-in, you will be able to leverage the benefits of staying connected with mobile employees, lower calling costs, seamless collaboration with your entire communications system, and more.

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CRM Integration

Over the last year, your business has collected a great deal of information about your customers including demographic and contact data as well as information about the products that they like. Now is the time to process the data and share it with team members so they can be informed about the customer journey during their sales and marketing efforts. Look for a UC solution that integrates seamlessly with your customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

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