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curbside service

Curbside service is one of the hottest technologies to emerge from the pandemic. In fact, last year curbside service at retail stores increased by 208% between April 1 and April 20, compared with the previous year.

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Many organizations are still in business thanks to this critical technology, as it’s helped facilitate safe and secure transactions throughout the darkest days of the pandemic. 

Let’s take a closer look at curbside service, and explore some of the ways it can help drive business.

What Is Curbside Service?

Curbside service enables businesses to connect directly with customers via SMS or the internet. A robust curbside service app makes it easy to facilitate online ordering and pickup, from one user-friendly application. Teams can use it to establish flexible, automated workflows with robust tracking and reporting and single click responses to customers. 

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The result is a seamless pipeline for customer communication, which is perfect for short-staffed, socially distanced organizations that need to act with high levels of autonomy and efficiency throughout the day. 

Creative Uses For Curbside Service 

When you think of curbside service, restaurant and retail environments may come to mind. Additional verticals include hair salons, and healthcare facilities. However, there are many more ways to use this exciting technology.  

Here are some creative use cases for curbside service apps. 

1. Warehouse Environments 

There is a growing need for digital communication in the shipping and logistics industry, which is still largely paper-based. Warehouse managers can use curbside pickup apps to communicate with drivers and enable service and inventory-related requests throughout the day. 

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For example, a busy shipping bay can use a curbside service app to enable drivers to check in and form a queue for loading or unloading. This system can enable efficient and socially distanced deliveries. Or, a driver can use the app to process a request for an item from the warehouse. 

2. Transportation Environments

Airports and bus terminals often struggle to load passengers. The process is typically crowded and chaotic, and not at all conducive for social distancing. 

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Curbside service apps can be used to enable passengers to check in at a gate or terminal, and receive notifications informing them when it’s safe to come forward and board. 

3. Pet Services 

Pet service providers can also use curbside pickup apps to communicate with owners. For example, a dog groomer can use this technology to SMS-enable reservations. 

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The app can also be used to provide updates or ask questions during a visit. Pet owners will appreciate the advanced convenience and level of communication that it offers. 

4. Stadiums & Arenas

Stadiums and arenas are slowly but surely opening back up again. For example, the latest Super Bowl drew a crowd of over 60,000 people. We’re bound to see more large-scale events resume, as more people get vaccinated. 

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Stadiums and arenas can use curbside service apps to communicate with crowds and enable efficient movement during games. For example, they can be used to order food or merchandise from seats to prevent unnecessary foot traffic. These apps can also be used to send mass notifications with offers and promotions, and even content to supplement on-field activities. Imagine watching a baseball game and receiving notification on your phone that a player is about to set a record. This type of content can enrich the fan experience. 


Learn more about Curbside Service and how Star2Star can help your organization connect and communicate with customers.

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