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As we work our way into the fourth quarter of 2016, plenty of businesses are thinking about their budgets for 2017 and what do with anything leftover from this year. This is a major concern for government agencies and corporate departments who may find their budget for next year cut if all of this year's budget is not spent. If you find yourself with a surplus this year, consider getting a head start on the major projects that you have planned for the next year. 

Whatever investments you plan to make into your business in 2017, it’s critical to ensure that the technology you have in place is up to the task and actually working for you. Maybe you're planning a new office, a remodel, or office expansion. Perhaps you’re rolling out a new product offering or service line, or you’re eyeing international expansion. Regardless, you’re going to need the right tools in place to ensure success with these big changes and transitions.

Supporting growth includes everything from laptops for new employees to upgrading technology systems. Being proactive now can prevent a lot of issues from raising their ugly heads next year. 

For instance, expanding headcount to beef up a sales organization might be a major 2017 initiative for your company. This probably means an increasing need for real-time and efficient communication systems that enhance the intra-organizational exchange of information, especially if that salesforce is going to be on the road and mobile-first most of the time. A good UC framework can make sure that the people in the field have access to sales tools and materials on the device of their choice, plus convenient collaboration tools like cloud-based single-extension audio, conferencing, video, and more to interface with those in the office, can be the linchpin to success.

Bottom line? Dedicating any leftover 2016 budget to laying the groundwork now for unified communications that optimize processes, decrease operational costs, improve efficiency, and increase productivity can give you a head start on next-year’s business goals. Don’t miss that opportunity.

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