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Updating Business Phones

If you’re on the fence about whether you should update your business phone service, consider this: 

Your phone is one of the most important parts of your company. It can be one of the first ways a customer interacts with your brand—and the last, if the customer has a poor experience. 

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Whether you are a small to medium-sized company or a large organization, it’s vital to have a modern phone system in place, in order to greet callers and keep communications flowing smoothly. 

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Unified communications (UC) is now the gold standard for business communications, and something that every organization should be looking into. UC involves centralizing multiple communications services like voice, video, fax, and instant messaging into a single, centralized platform that can be accessed from any location. 

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Top Reasons To Update To A UC Based Business Phone System  

Provide A Strong CX

It’s a misconception that businesses are abandoning their phones in favor of automated self-service solutions like chatbots and auto attendants. 

Self-service is popular right now, but make no mistake about it—the phone is still an integral part of the customer experience (CX) and it’s not going away any time soon. Customers today expect access to a fully-functioning, high-quality voice system. That’s because talking to an agent is the fastest and most convenient way to solve most issues. Auto attendants and bots should be supplementary to your voice service. 

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Why should you care about providing a strong CX? It’s simple: 90 percent of Americans now use customer service as a factor when determining whether to do business with a company.  

Save Money

Upgrading your business phone service to a cutting-edge, unified communications (UC) system is a great way to save money. You will be able to leverage VoIP which will enable you to pool and burst phone lines. 

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You can also eliminate hefty hardware expenses by switching to UC, as you can consolidate numerous endpoints into a digital platform. You won’t have to keep buying, maintaining, and upgrading equipment. 

Plus, you can save even more money by leveraging video conferencing, which will reduce travel. Switching to a UC service can also boost productivity and help generate stronger returns.  

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Scale With Ease

It’s very hard to scale with a traditional phone system based on legacy infrastructure. Scaling can be very costly, and complex. 

By upgrading your phone system to a UC solution, you will be able to scale with ease—adding or reducing users as needed, depending on the volume of your business. Growing companies are strongly advised to switch to UC to avoid running into capacity issues. 

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Fortify Your Communications

Another top reason to upgrade your business phone service is to protect against unplanned downtime. Upgrading to UC will provide business continuity and disaster recovery for your organization. A great provider can diversify your connections and provide seamless 4G LTE failover, as well as geo-redundancy. 

You will also benefit from a SLA-backed uptime guarantee; so your company can continue receiving service even if a local connection goes down. 

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Attract & Retain Talent

It’s also important to keep up with the changing times. The next generation of incoming workers expects fully modern and digital communications technologies, not an outdated and inefficient phone system.

If you want to attract and retain top talent, you need to offer a phone service that’s easy, intuitive to use, and capable of integrating with your CRM data. 

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