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It’s no secret that channel partners depend on their service providers. If your provider isn’t capable of meeting the needs of your customers, you are the one who hears about it, and you are the one who’s reputation and relationship is damaged. However, partnering with the right provider can cause your profits and customer satisfaction metrics to skyrocket.

Star2Star offers the best partner model and the best partner results of any provider in the industry. You don’t have to take our word for it, either. Our partners’ experiences and our survey results speak for themselves.

A TechValidate survey of Star2Star partners found that 100% of partners increased their annual income from partnering with Star2Star. Even better, 32% of partners increased their annual income by 20% or more

Partner Growth

Some of our partners have found working with us even more profitable. In particular, those partners who have taken advantage of Star2Star’s many marketing programs have seen their sales grow.

Intelisys, one of Star2Star’s largest partners, has increased their Star2Star sales by 150% by teaming up with Star2Star’s Marketing Department.

Intelisys Graphic

Telegration, based out of Michigan, has grown its business by an incredible 688% by partnering with Star2Star’s Marketing Team.

Telegration Graphic

Why do Star2Star partners make more? There are a number of reasons. Perhaps the most important is our customer satisfaction. Happy customers are loyal customers, and no customers are more loyal than ours. Our customer retention rate is a whopping 99.85%, by far the best in the industry. Star2Star partners keep their customers and can therefore work towards growing their customer base, not just replacing lost customers.

Even better, our partnership model gives you everything you need to succeed and more. Star2Star offers the best compensation model you’ll find anywhere, with the option to make both upfront and evergreen revenue from sales. We also provide you with a vast wealth of resources, such as a nationwide network of installers, sales and marketing support, our professional services team, and much more. We believe in fitting in with your business model, so you can pick and choose what you want to take advantage of.

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