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Maybe you’ve already upgraded to a fully hosted phone system (mixing your proprietary equipment with IP networking), allowing you certain flexibility to meet customer demands at the cost of sacrificing reliability. Or perhaps your phone lines are copper, dating back to plain old telephone service (POTS) with limited customer-friendly features.  Either way, investing in a Full Spectrum Communications Solution will better enable your business to offer stellar customer service. 

Full Spectrum Communications Solutions offer a multitude of advanced features for integration with existing and future business systems, faxing, CRM, and text messaging, as well as an easy and quick upgrade path. Two major benefits of these solutions are  unified ring groups and dial plans across business locations. Impossible over copper wires and unavailable on many fully-hosted solutions, unified ring groups and dial plans are easily established and extensible across business locations when using a unified communications (UC) solution.

Ring groups:

With a UC system, you can easily create ring groups and extend their functionality across all of your multiple business locations. A ring group feature organizes incoming call distribution so that one dialed extension can ring multiple phones. This enables small teams to keep all players in the call loop so that calls are not missed. Large call center teams also can use ring groups to distribute calls to agents in line with business needs and skills-based routing. 

You have many options when setting up your ring groups. The hunt group setup, for instance, rings up any number of phones in sequence until someone answers or the call goes to voicemail. Only one phone rings at a time so other workers aren’t distracted. In the typical ring group, all phones ring simultaneously and the first person to pick up handles the call, allowing for a faster customer service response. UC-enabled automated call distribution (ACD) solutions can further enhance ring group efficiency by only ringing people who are logged in and available. 

As such, ring groups effectively improve customer access to companies, mitigating frustration and annoyance. Of course, with a best-in-class UC solutions provider, your ring group calls extend to all your business locations.

Dial plans across locations:

Organizations with more than one business location require a communication system to help workers collaborate effectively. Hardware-based business phone systems—with their non-integrated dialing plans—can get in the way of this productivity. 

A UC solution gets around this complexity with features designed to make cross-company calling effortless and inexpensive:

  • No-cost interoffice calling
  • Shared phone lines across locations
  • Ring groups and call queues operate across locations
  • Effortless multilocation call transfer
  • Incoming caller ID
  • Find Me/Follow me call forwarding
  • Flexible, on-the-fly conference calling
  • Efficient voicemail management, with voicemail-to-email option

For a communications system that will grow and evolve with your business, look for a Full Spectrum Cloud Communications Solution. It’ll help you free up resources and focus on your core business.

Consider Star2Star for your UC phone system. Our highly scalable solution comes complete with a single “pool” of lines connected over the Internet that can be used at any location interchangeably. This allows your business to save money by cutting the total number of lines you need, and—through the cloud—to unify your ring groups and dial plans across locations, capabilities that you just can’t get with standard copper wiring or most fully-hosted systems.


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