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In today’s competitive business landscape, global enterprises must be able to operate with the same agility as a small- or medium-sized business. Personnel must be empowered with communications capabilities that drive real-time collaboration, foster mobility, and streamline internal operations. 

A robust communications platform with a unified diverse set of channels benefits staff from the contact center to the sales force. 

See how Star2Star helps solve the communications challenges faced by enterprises

In the past, enterprises would have had to spend a fortune procuring, maintaining and repairing numerous legacy systems to offer a robust package of communications features that could meet the needs of modern day businesses. But, now, innovative enterprise leaders have found that they can transform their communications capabilities by leveraging unified communications as a service (UCaaS).

According to a 2016 Broadsoft survey, 51 percent of businesses will have adopted UCaaS by 2020. While only 45 percent of large enterprises claimed to look favorably on adoption of UCaaS, that figure represents a 25 percent increase from the previous year. Clearly, enterprise leaders are gaining awareness of the ways in which UCaaS can benefit their organizations. 

Leverage UCaaS To Solve Business Challenges

Adopting UCaaS in the enterprise space will allow business leaders to address a number of common business challenges, such as:

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Asset Allocation

Your employees are your greatest asset, but if you don’t put the right people in the right positions, or make it difficult for them to accomplish their responsibilities, your greatest assets can become liabilities. Partnering with a UCaaS provider will enable you to free up critical IT staff by offloading basic management of your communications platform to your provider. 

Network Downtime

According to a 2016 IHS Markit report, businesses are losing $700 billion a year due to IT downtime. Additionally, downtime can tarnish brand image, jeopardize network security, and lead to a host of other issues. Cloud-based UCaaS services can provide your organization peace of mind thanks to greater uptime, continuous monitoring, and disaster recovery and avoidance solutions in the event of a worst-case scenario.

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Channel Integration

For your enterprise to run like a well-oiled machine, you must integrate all your communications channels into one platform. Some of your personnel might use email, while others might prefer a messaging service. Remote workers might be using their own devices and prefer videoconferencing. Similarly, your customers will all have their own preferences for how to communicate with your employees. 

UCaaS provides seamless interoperability between channels so that communications never got lost in translation or fall between the cracks. This allows for greater collaboration and heightened productivity for internal processes. Similarly, you’ll be able to endear your brand to customers by offering a richer experience with more convenience and context when they reach out to your organization.

Features Highlight

In addition to resolving a number of standard enterprise challenges, UCaaS solutions from Star2Star also come complete with a wide suite of features that will delight employees and customers and cast your brand as both innovative and professional. 

• Find Me/Follow Me call forwarding services

• Voice To Email 

• Contact Center Analytics

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