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UCaaS 101

Over the last several years, an exciting communications trend has been steadily increasing among businesses: Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

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The UCaaS market is now growing at a healthy CAGR of 29.4 percent, and is on track to reach $79.3 billion by as soon as 2024—making it a must-know technology for business leaders. 

So, what’s all the fuss about UCaaS? And why are so many businesses using it now?

Here’s a breakdown to get you started. 

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What Is UCaaS?

At the heart of UCaaS is unified communications (UC): A strategy that involves centralizing disparate communications technologies into a single platform. 

Some businesses prefer to keep their UC hardware on premises, while others prefer to leverage cloud-based or hybrid models.  

With UCaaS, businesses no longer have to use separate hardware and software for voice calls, video conferences, messaging, and faxing. Instead, users can access all of these services over a simple, user-friendly portal. 

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A UCaaS system can be accessed securely from just about any location in the world. For this reason, UCaaS is great for businesses with multiple branch locations or large teams of remote workers. 

UCaaS, it should be noted, is commonly used by businesses of all sizes from small companies to large enterprises. 

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Why Use UCaaS?

Some of the top reasons to use UCaaS include: 

Reduced costs: UCaaS is a great way to reduce your monthly telecommunications expenses. 

UCaaS, after all, leverages VoIP. Many providers offer flexible pricing options, low upfront cost plans, and the ability to pool phone lines across multiple locations. Compared to traditional PBX phones, UCaaS is also more cost-efficient since it is delivered over the internet.

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Scalability: Another reason to leverage UCaaS is that it makes it much easier to scale your business’s communications. Users can be easily—and cost-effectively—added or removed as needed without having to physically install or remove phone lines. UCaaS is a great option for startups because they tend to experience rapid growth. With a UCaaS system in place, you won’t need to rip and replace infrastructure to scale.  

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Guaranteed performance: With UCaaS, managers can rest assured that all calls will be of high quality. This is crucial in today’s customer-centric market.

A business will receive an SLA-backed service guarantee, along with seamless failover and disaster recovery support. UCaaS can also be paired with SD-WAN, for improved visibility and control across a global WAN. Managers can use SD-WAN to control bandwidth allocation, resulting in higher performing communications. 

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Improved security: By centralizing your communications, you will reduce the number of endpoints that your employees use on a daily basis. For example, your employees won’t have to use third party video and messaging services (which typically lead to data silos). UCaaS will grant IT more visibility, and control, over enterprise communications. This in turn can help reduce the threat of a data breach or cybersecurity incident.  

Enhanced productivity: Another top reason why so many businesses leverage UCaaS is because it enhances productivity.

For example, UCaaS keeps employees locked into one application, instead of having to move between different screens and devices. They can remain more engaged this way, and avoid getting distracted throughout the workday. 

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UCaaS also improves teamwork and collaboration, moving projects along faster to completion. Employees can easily communicate over text, video, or chat, eliminating the need to get up and ask supervisors questions or interrupt other team members. UCaaS also offers presence indicators, alerting employees when other team members are available to chat. 


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