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As the end of another year approaches, the reflecting on the events of the past few months becomes top of mind. In this spirit of reflection, we bring you the top UC trends for 2017 and examine their major impacts this year.

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1. Cloud Adoption & Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Solutions

Cloud adoption rates were predicted to skyrocket in 2017--and this prediction held true. For on-premises cloud solutions in particular, adoption rates have tripled over the past year. More companies are committing to software-based solutions with as much as 80% of IT budgets being dedicated to cloud technology and 73% of companies switching to fully software-defined data centers.

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2. Increasingly Unified Environments

Embracing Unified Communications systems has been trending for several years now, as we have documented in many blogs to date. In addition to cloud and SaaS solutions adoption, collaboration tools have become a necessity as more businesses allow employees to work from home, on the road, or simply grow too large for a single location. Specific to this year, users who adopted these collaboration tools expected voice, messaging applications, video conferencing, mobile access, and a variety of other advanced UC features to be included. This signifies a change in how the general public views UC solutions. 

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3. Messaging Apps In Contact Centers & The Enterprise

Unified Communications open many new avenues for engaging with customers even while keeping the customer experience streamlined. Outreach through social platforms and messaging apps increased in 2017, with a large number of contact centers taking advantage of this personalized communications channel. Enterprise unified messaging also made a debut this year in order to keep up with an increasingly mobile workforce working from smaller devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.) and fast-paced communications needs.

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4. Cloud Security

One of the cloud’s largest hurdles, data security, saw decreased numbers this year when it came to people who are concerned about their data. With the trend towards fully integrated cloud solutions and UC systems with built-in security, more users feel secure. This trend has also opened up the use of cloud for more enterprises and companies with highly sensitive data.

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These are just a few of the 2017 UC trends that we saw throughout a very exciting year for the Unified Communications market. Look forward to our next blog, which will set the stage for 2018 predictions to keep in mind!


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