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Unified Communications (UC) is more than just an enterprise communications strategy. It’s part of a larger digital transformation movement that is occurring across just about every industry. 

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Organizations of all sizes and all vertical markets are integrating UC to upgrade and consolidate their communications, reduce telecommunications costs and improve uptime.

Here are some examples of how UC is being used across multiple industries today: 


Communication is absolutely critical in a school system. Teachers, administrators, board members, parents, and students all need to work closely together on a daily basis. Using UC, staff members can have access to a centralized communications portal for secure and reliable calling, video conferencing, presence information, and more. UC can also provide strong stability for reliable communication in the event of an emergency. 

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Call Centers

In a busy contact center setting, having access to a reliable communications platform can make all the difference for agents — boosting productivity, improving customer service and making the job easier and more enjoyable. In many call centers today, agents are using outdated and inefficient systems that utilize disparate technologies. By integrating UC, a call center can provide its agents with an easy-to-use, web-based interface that streamlines numerous processes including call routing, reporting, and management. 

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Employment Agencies

Communication is the lifeblood of an employment agency, which must play middleman between an employer and job seekers. Agencies need to move quickly to understand their clients’ needs, find the right candidates, and move them along through the hiring process with minimal time waste. With UC, this process is much simpler as it allows agents to move seamlessly from voice to video while communicating with team members and applicants. 

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Financial Services

The cost of downtime will range from business to business. IDC, for instance, found that 10 hours of unplanned downtime will cost an SMB an average of $125,000. For an enterprise, this figure jumps to $17 million. In the financial industry, the cost could be much higher, especially for organizations that deal with high stakes trading. Financial organizations can leverage disaster recovery when using UC, to ensure they always remain in contact with customers and partners.

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All government entities, from local organizations to federal agencies, share the responsibility to be efficient and dependable. At the same time, they need to operate within a tight budget. UC offers a secure and cost-effective way for government employees to share information among themselves, boosting productivity and improving teamwork. With UC, government agencies can drastically trim their monthly telecommunications costs, preventing tax dollars from being wasted. 

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There is a growing demand today for telehealth solutions that can reduce certain in-person office visits while still enabling high-quality care for patients. These systems need to be highly secure, to prevent valuable health information from falling into the wrong hands. UC offers an ideal solution, as it can be used both by doctors and patients as well as staff members to simplify administrative and management tasks. 

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In the hospitality industry, customers must always have immediate access to customer service agents. Barriers like busy signals or dropped calls can irritate customers and negatively impact their experience. UC empowers businesses in the hospitality industry to always provide excellent customer care, ensuring their needs are always met. 

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Legal professionals need to send the message to their clients that they are capable of handling their most sensitive issues. Poor quality communications can send the message that a firm is incapable of being trusted. By offering UC, agencies can assure customers that they are in good hands and that help is always accessible over a range of options such as video, voice or text. 

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