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A growing number of businesses are now leveraging the benefits of Unified Communications (UC), an interconnected system of applications and devices that streamline voice, messaging, mobility, conferencing, and video. The UC market is currently booming, with experts predicting it will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9 percent from 2017 to 2024. 

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Most businesses are quick to point out short-term UC benefits, such as increased productivity and collaboration in the workplace — especially among digital teams that lack physical offices. But there is also a lot to be said about the long-term benefits of UC. 

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Make no mistake about it, investing in UC could be one of the most important long-term strategies that you implement for your business. This seemingly small step can have huge implications for your budget, your team morale, and your ability to grow and adapt to the changing business world.

UC Benefits That Endure

Some of the top long-term UC benefits include: 

Cost Savings 

You can save a lot of money over the long term by switching to a UC solution if you go about it in the right way. While you will still need to buy hardware (mainly phones), you can avoid a lot of the capital and operational expenditures that come with purchasing a new telecommunications system. You won’t have to pay for new lines and you can cost-effectively scale for more or fewer licenses or seats when you need to. Plus you will improve productivity on your team with UC which will generate more profits and further absorb some of the operational costs. 


It’s important to maintain a reputation as a forward-thinking enterprise that is in touch with technology and new ways of doing business. Millennials and all subsequent generations are highly connected and want to work for companies offering flexible, user-friendly technologies and communications systems. By installing a UC system, you can show current and potential employees that your company cares about adapting and is committed to providing the necessary tools that are needed to do good work. This could lead to positive employee reviews, which will attract even more talented people. Plus, it will strengthen morale and keep employees interested and engaged in their jobs. The last thing you want is a room full of checked-out individuals; with a UC system in place, you can keep people focused on working and pushing forward. 

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Opportunities don’t last forever. When they arise, they need to be carried out. But oftentimes, opportunities go unfulfilled due to communications issues. A customer, for instance, could send a request for proposal asking for immediate assistance on a project. That customer may not want to wait for you to track down a missing employee, or wait for an email to come back. With a UC solution in place, employees can quickly and easily get in touch with team members to act on opportunities when they arise. 

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Businesses today cannot afford excessive amounts of unplanned network downtime. Legacy telecommunications networks are too complex and vulnerable to rely on — especially for organizations that cannot afford any lapses in communication. Just recently, for instance, a massive communications outage impacted 911 services in Tampa Bay and central Florida which is unthinkable — but relatively common — problem. UC solutions can utilize the cloud to connect with multiple third-party networks and establish business continuity, resulting in much less downtime over the long term. 

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Right now “digital transformation” is one of the hottest buzzwords in telecommunications. This refers to the process of implementing flexible, software-defined next-generation technologies that can be easily and cost-effectively updated when they are needed. With a UC system, businesses can ensure that they are always leveraging the latest systems and software without having to continuously purchase large, expensive systems and infrastructure. 

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Ultimately, investing in a UC solution can ensure survival in the competitive, constantly-changing technology landscape. As digital transformation and digitalization continue to accelerate, companies that invest in advanced, efficient, and affordable cloud-based solutions will have a major leg up on the competition. A UC solution can help ensure business survival by generating an environment where data and insight can be shared instantly and with push-button ease. Using UC, businesses can save money, maximize output, and attract and retain the best talent. 


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