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Becoming a unified communications solutions provider involves a lot of responsibility. Whether you are an agent, reseller or white label provider, the product you sell to a business will have a direct impact on its day-to-day communications and bottom line.

So before partnering with just any company, you want to make sure that the unified communications solution you provide is top-of-the-line. Here are the top five reasons you should consider partnering with Star2Star:

  1. Avoid Hassles With A System That Works: As General Manager of Wilmington, N.C.’s Teleco explains, one of the best reasons to invest in selling Star2Star is the fact that it involves minimal hassle. Resellers don’t have to worry about the reliability of the system and complex support—Star2Star takes care of all that for you. This leaves you more time to focus on the crucial aspects of your business, such as marketing.
  2. Enjoy Minimal Customer Churn Rate: When you partner with Star2Star you can sleep soundly at night knowing your customers have a reliable, sophisticated product. Our revolutionary Cloud architecture connects your existing office phone network to cloud-based services—hosted at secure, redundant data centers—using its StarBox® Cloud Connection Manager. With technology like this, high customer churn rates are a thing of the past.
  3. Make More Money: Star2Star consistently pays some of the highest commissions right from the start and will also reimburse you for training and demo system if you sell six systems in six months. You will also earn co-op funds on every sale, and with Star2Star's professional marketing services you can use those available funds to find new leads and customers!
  4. Expand Your Portfolio: Offer your customers a complete line of Star2Star products and double or even triple your portfolio offerings in the process. Your customers will benefit from the increased communications options, which will make you the go-to source for innovative cloud-based solutions.
  5. Give Your Customers The Tools They Need To Grow: As a communications provider, companies will come to you looking to get the most bang for their buck. When you partner with Star2Star, you will give them the opportunity to easily scale beyond their current budgetary restrictions and gain the resources of a much larger company.

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