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The enhanced communications capabilities brought about by deploying a unified communications (UC) solution save companies both time and money. Integrating a cloud-based UC system into your business environment can also boost worker productivity and collaboration. In this post, we look into how specific features will help your company benefit from a move to UC. We also remind you of the reasons to deploy quickly, encouraging you make 2015 the year your company starts to keep pace with your competitors.

While UC is still a cutting-edge technology, it’s also a critical business solution deployed by a diverse range of organizations worldwide. Growth in the market is so significant (expected to reach $75 billion by 2020, up from $22.8 billion in 2013) that your company will struggle to survive if it doesn’t keep up.

You can improve your company’s bottom line by employing UC tools, as your workers will be better able to collaborate in real time on a multitude of tasks. This applies to mobile employees, as well as to those groups working together from disparate geographic locations.

By giving your workers access to UC tools, you increase their job satisfaction and loyalty. You also improve the likelihood that you will attract talented candidates to your workplace. Millennials are especially prone to seek employers that allow them flexibility to work remotely and at non-traditional times.

Five of the most impactful UC features and benefits are listed below; the supporting statistics are from research conducted by Chadwick Martin Bailey:

  • Conferencing and collaboration: More than 75% of user organizations experienced improved employee productivity across geographically dispersed locations due to voice and video conferencing. Some 64 percent realized reduced travel costs by more than 10%.
  • Mobile communications: Mobile communications improvements led to increased employee productivity and faster problem resolution for 67% of user organizations from such features as click-to-call, corporate directory access, presence, and visual voicemail on mobile devices.
  • Contact center efficiency: 33% of user organizations with contact centers reported a decrease in average call response time of 11% to 25%.
  • Presence, IM, clients: 49% of user organizations saved up to 20 minutes per employee daily by reaching workers on the first try. Some 54% of user organizations saved up to 20 minutes per employee daily by escalating IM chats into phone calls, and 50% saved up to 20 minutes per employee daily by escalating IM chats into Web conferences.
  • Unified messaging: More efficient message management led to timesavings of up to 20 minutes per employee daily for 50% of user organizations.

Now is the time to investigate how Star2Star can address the communications needs of your organization. Our expertise and award-winning UC architecture provide you with unparalleled excellence. Click here to learn more about our approach to UC.



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