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We understand that purchasing a new business phone system can be a bit overwhelming for customers of telecom resellers, especially if they are a small to medium-sized organization that is just now upgrading from traditional telephony infrastructure. This may seem like a whole new world to them.

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With so many advantages to Unified Communications (UC), it can be hard to pinpoint which benefits are the most likely to sell your customers, and it isn't always the most obvious points that have the greatest impact. Here are some of the strongest selling points that telecom resellers who have partnered with a best-in-class provider can use.

A Variety Of Phone Options

Leading providers enable your customers to choose from numerous phone models from leading brands like Cisco, Panasonic, and Polycom® models. UC also offers the possibility of advanced softphones that turn a user's computer into a fully-featured phone, letting your customers pick the model that aligns with their unique needs.

Business Continuity

It's almost hurricane season, and businesses are now looking for ways to protect their communications infrastructure when the winds start blowing. Business continuity with guaranteed 99.999 percent uptime, means communications can continue as normal if your infrastructure is affected by a major storm.

Enterprise-Grade Mobility

We're living in a mobile world, and this trend is only going to accelerate in the coming years. As such, businesses of all sizes need to provide employees with tools that let them access desktop tools from their mobile devices. Workers today should be able to work from any location. A strong suite of mobile UC solutions enables unparalleled freedom of movement. 

Call Center Reporting And Analytics

Leading UC providers can streamline call center operations, including by integrating seamlessly with third party applications like and Sugar. Some platforms even have a performance indicator dashboard for sharing real-time call center metrics, and it can automatically adjust to changes in call volumes, agent availability and caller wait times. 

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Government Communications Solutions

Fully GSA-Certified communications providers have been approved to sell communications equipment to the United States Government by the U.S. General Services Administration. Government agencies can rely on these providers for secure, and reliable, communications infrastructure. 

Easy Management

Telecom resellers and their customers can remotely monitor their systems and manage such features as flexible network configuration, traffic shaping, and more. Solutions with a user-friendly interface make life easier for IT administrators while also drastically improving business communications. 

Video Conferencing

 Video communication has become a top need for businesses, and solutions like Video Meetings provide a simple, high-quality video conferencing solution with push-button accessibility.


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