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As a telecommunications agent or reseller, you need to assure your customers that they are getting cutting-edge technology from the products you deliver. When choosing a telecom partner, you need to make sure you are joining forces with a reliable communications solutions provider whose products will remain relevant to your customers’ businesses for the long term.

In a world where technology advances at a fast pace, how do you judge this to ensure customer satisfaction?  We provide some tips and tricks here for keeping apace of technology, making it easier for you to judge the products and services that your telecom partner provides, as well as to help you craft your own strong sales pitch:

  • Look into new technologies: What can SIP trunks and videoconferencing do for the businesses you serve, for example? Stay abreast of new product trials for revolutionary technologies such as these.
  • Read industry news: This will keep you current on what’s new and what’s trending, as well as what is nearing obsolescence.
  • Download new apps: Stay at the forefront of new forms of communication. Install the latest apps (e.g., mobile faxing) on your smartphone.
  • Be active on social media: Locate quality outlets that are relevant to your industry. For example, follow thought leaders on Twitter.
  • Join industry user groups: You’ll gain valuable information from associating with fellow professionals.

Be assured that when you partner with Star2Star, we’ve done the leg work for you in ensuring product relevance. Our cutting-edge communications system is flexible enough to keep up with the quick evolution of technology. As a matter of fact, we offer the world’s most Scalable Cloud Communications Solution.

As a Star2Star partner, you will be able to exceed your customers’ expectations. With our solution, they will be enabled to host quick and easy on-the-fly conference calls; fully utilize data to provide faster, more personalized service to their customers; and improve call center performance with advanced call routing, management and reporting features. All in all, you can rely on Star2Star’s award-winning, patented cloud architecture to remain at the forefront of business communications systems.


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