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Three UC Mobile Communications

Thanks to the sophistication of mobile communication devices, today’s workers are able to get their jobs done anywhere an Internet connection is available. This allows them to be productive whether they’re sitting at a coffee shop, behind their desks, or on the sidelines of their child’s soccer game.

There are numerous factors that are leading to the growth of the mobile workforce, including companies wishing to reduce operation costs by allowing employees to work from home, workers demanding more freedom, and businesses that want to increase collective output by giving their employees the tools they need to be productive from any location at any time.

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To support mobile communication, many businesses are turning toward cloud-based unified communications (UC) solutions. This technology integrates email, instant messaging, voice, video, presence, and more into a single user-friendly interface, allowing your employees to keep their fingers on the pulse of their business communications from any Internet-connected device. In doing so, managers can be confident their employees will always be able to respond quickly to customer requests and access the data they need to do so successfully.

Here are three UC features that will better enable mobile communication and greater productivity:

1. Softphone Clients

Let your workers take their office phones with them wherever they go by installing a softphone client on their laptops or mobile devices. When a softphone client is installed on a worker’s smartphone, that worker will be able to access all of his or her business contacts as well as check the presence status of co-workers. Softphones also allow your workers to appear to be in the office no matter where they are.

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2. Find Me/Follow Me Call Forwarding

Let’s say you have a quick question for one of your salesmen. You call his desk phone but get his voicemail. Your question’s somewhat pressing, so you decide to attempt to reach him on his cell phone. Unfortunately, you can’t get a hold of him that way either. Eventually, you learn from physically tracking down an associate of his that the salesman is home with his sick son for the day and his cell phone service doesn’t extend to his house. You finally reach him on his home office number. Instead of letting a scenario like this ever play out again in your business environment, Find Me/Follow Me call forwarding technology allows you to reach an associate by dialing just one number that accesses all his or her communication devices. The feature can be configured so that phone numbers ring simultaneously or in successive order, depending on your preference.

3. Unified Messaging

With clients sending and receiving important business communications via text message, instant message, email, fax, or SMS, staying on top of all communications (especially mobile communication) is difficult, as is responding to your customers in a timely manner. This is exactly where unified messaging comes into the equation, providing one central location from which employees can access all of their communications. Unified messaging streamlines the communications process, guaranteeing your employees won’t miss a mission-critical message again.

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