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This year’s Enterprise Connect conference offered a great opportunity for some of us here at Star2Star to completely immerse ourselves in the communications and collaborations universe for a few days. It was enlightening to get a variety of perspectives on the future of our industry, and to learn about some of the challenges that lie ahead. The conference also confirmed a few things that we knew already—including the fact that some businesses feel that the cloud isn’t for them.

Despite the “cloud craze” that is happening around us, many businesses haven’t yet taken the leap. Others have already jumped in with both feet, placing their communications operations fully in the cloud, with mixed-bag results. Some felt that it was a good decision, and one they would make again, while others, like Airbnb, eventually pulled back, looking for a modified approach. In the end, it seems that many companies do best with a solution that’s somewhere in the middle—a cloud structure.

As was noted at the conference, today’s IT leaders have their own vision for UC. Many of them see all-cloud solutions as “one-size-fits-all,” and are seeking alternative options tailored to their specific business needs. An on-premise cloud solution addresses this sentiment, allowing businesses to have some communications products on-site and under the control of their own IT department, while other services are hosted in the cloud. Combining on-premise with the cloud gives business leaders the best of both worlds in terms of scalability, customization, business innovation, and security. 

Beyond those concerns are the fundamental differences among companies, like corporate demographics, IT staffing models, the number of business locations, facilities, and budgets. Although there are some situations where all-cloud solutions are a good match—for example large enterprises with multiple small locations and SMBs with minimal IT support—most companies would benefit more from an on-premise cloud arrangement. For example, a large business with multiple locations of varying sizes would do well with on-premises functionality at the large locations (cost-effective on a large scale) and cloud services for the smaller ones (where IT help may be scarce or nonexistent). 

Star2Star offers an on-premise cloud system that can be designed to meet any organization’s needs. Our on-premise StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN combines with a broad range of hosted services to offer superior reliability and virtually limitless scalability. Based on our experience in designing systems for companies of all sizes, we offer several StarBox® models for different types of business offices. For organizations with multiple locations, our line pooling and bursting feature lets your business share virtual lines across all your locations, and more can be added “on the fly.” 

Whether you’re looking for customization, scalability, security, or flexibility, it’s our goal to design the on-premise cloud solution you need. To find out more about Star2Star products and services

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