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As the leader of a large company, you’d never rush into a decision to adopt a unified communications (UC) solution simply for the sake of having one. You also wouldn’t dive in without having a carefully devised plan for your communication needs. While there are lots of things you wouldn’t do, here’s one you would: You’d fully expect that your vendor of choice would be up to the task. Unfortunately, many times, you’d be wrong.

You aren’t rushing in, but your vendor might be. Some vendors claim to be “enterprise-ready” simply because they’ve made the strategic decision to expand their market. As more large organizations increase their investment in UC solutions, vendors are seeking to position themselves as leaders in the field. In order to actually do this, they need the support of channel partners, enticing them with over-hyped sales numbers and expressing unprecedented levels of commitment to supporting their partners and their sales efforts in this new market. 

In many cases, such aggressive tactics will result in a record number of channel partners—but a disappointing number of actual sales. 

Why? Vendors that aren’t truly watching out for the needs of large corporations fall short in three areas:  

  • Scalability: They lack the high-quality, foundational software required to support big businesses’ need to constantly add new users, new devices, and new services whenever the need arises. 
  • Reliability: They promise high reliability without revealing how they provide it or explaining exactly how they measure or guarantee quality of service. 
  • Flexibility: They offer limited “package” choices that incorporate a single interface and standard pricing, no matter how many employees are involved or what their roles are. 

When they fall short, you fall short. Whether you’re having a hard time closing sales or facing a large amount of customer churn, you’re working harder than you should. 

To truly benefit from UC, large corporations need customizable, flexible solutions. At Star2Star, our channel partners are key to this approach. We’re consistently recognized as a top provider to the agent and installing reseller channels. Not only do we make it it easy to close the sale because of our quality products and broad experience, it’s even easier to retain your customers. Star2Star enterprise customers rarely switch services because we offer: 

  • Scalability: Our equipment can handle as much traffic and data as big business can supply, adding additional capacity for little cost when it’s needed, and scaling back when it isn’t.
  • Outstanding reliability rates: Our StarWatch technology monitors every system continuously to guarantee 99.999 percent uptime. We back this up with 24/7/365 support and redundant phone carriers and Internet connections.
  • Great flexibility: Recognizing that not all employees need the same communication features, we provide different phones with different capabilities. We also offer a variety of service options so businesses pay only for what they need.

Our channel partners also get the benefit of our Professional Services Group, where leading experts in communications are always available to help you design communication solutions for complex environments. 

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