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December 31, 2015 - By: David Portnowitz

The Best Of Both Worlds

Proper communication with customers is essential for any organization’s success, which is why companies should be paying more attention to their communications system. Organizations are faced with the choice between a cloud-based communications system and an on-premise system. While a cloud-based solution is the more modern decision, it’s not always the first pick for organizations. Both choices have pros and cons. An on-premise system typically offers a reliable, crystal-clear connection, while a cloud-based solution is easier to install, more scalable, and can have a rich and robust feature suite. How does an organization capture the benefits of both solutions?

The answer is simple: utilize both.

Full Spectrum Communications combines elements from both the cloud and on-premises solutions. It delivers the perfect solutions for business communications, since it combines a stellar connection, rich feature offerings, supreme scalability, and disaster recovery.

Communications systems need to be able to scale up as a business grows. However, many on-premises solutions often require additional (and often expensive) installation services, including wiring and additional equipment. Scaling up with a cloud-based solution is far easier because everything is done through the Internet. This is particularly useful if an organization is attempting to add employees that work in remote locations. Setup is as easy as adding new phones to the main system using a web browser.

Another benefit to utilizing a cloud-based solution is the wide variety of features, such as conference calling, video integration, and instant messaging; these features will enhance workflows. Conference calling helps ensure that all employees—regardless of location—are available for important calls. Instant messaging allows employees to access information from one location quickly and easily.

Improved disaster recovery is another key benefit of using full spectrum solutions, as it ensures that your organization’s phone system will stay up and running no matter what happens. Some on-premises systems can fail due to a power outage or other disaster. Cloud-based systems ensure that customers will have unbroken access to employees because calls meant for work phones can be forwarded to employees’ mobile phones or landlines. This is vital, as customer satisfaction relies on continuous communication within a company.

Full spectrum solutions also do not fall short when it comes to providing pure cloud services. In addition to their superior on-premises cloud platforms, a full spectrum pure cloud option leverages the same extensive, redundant cloud networks without the additional hardware. This type of solution is an ideal fit for businesses in need of lighter, more flexible communications without sacrificing call quality.


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