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Multiple offices in multiple locations mean more exposure for your company — and a potentially beefier bottom line as well.

Operating a business from multiple locations requires reliable, efficient communications. With employees deployed across the city, state or country, you need to be sure that information is easily transferrable over a variety of communications channels. With that in mind, it may be time to consider whether a Unified Communications (UC) system is right for your enterprise.

UC technology combines your communications systems across all of your office locations into a single, unified whole. Rather than having separate systems for video conferencing, web chat and voice at every site, for example, UC puts all of your company’s platforms on a single network that can be managed by one administrator at a single location.

Another of the benefits of UC is multi-location functionality for your telephony services. Many business phone systems actually get in the way of productive inter-office communications. With UC technology, every one of your company’s phones, regardless of location, functions as part of a single system.

For example, suppose you need to reach an employee in a different city, but you know she is out of the office and you don’t have her cell number handy. With a robust UC platform, you simply dial her office extension and the call is automatically transferred to all of her phones. Expensive interoffice toll calls and a lack of a comprehensive dialing plan combine to make calling more difficult - and more expensive - than it needs to be.

The days of flying executives to a single location from every corner of the country for a conference are over. The days of storing four different contact numbers in your cell phone just to be sure you can reach a colleague are numbered. Businesses all over the country are finding that with UC, doing business across timelines is easier than ever

So the question is: is your business living in the past, or looking to the future?

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