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For your business to continue to remain profitable, you must understand modern clients who are hungry for the latest collaboration technology. No collaboration technology is more popular right now than unified communications as a service (UCaaS). In fact, the UC market is expected to reach $75 billion by 2020—up from $22.8 billion in 2013.

One primary driver of UC is the rapidly growing use of mobile computing, spurred by Millennials entering the job market. Mobile computing has allowed today’s 21st century workforce to work from anywhere. For organizations, this can represent significant cost savings (e.g., in office space), but only if employees are given the appropriate UC tools that will allow them to succeed—which is where you enter the picture as a Star2Star partner.

Another key driver of UC adoption among companies is the technology’s ability to enable collaboration. While presence management, instant messaging, and other communications tools remain popular, videoconferencing is shooting up the “needs” list as a way for employees to work effectively together from wherever they happen to be. An additional boon for organizations is that use of videoconferencing will cut down on travel expenses. Here are some other ways that communication systems allow resellers to help their clients solve real business problems:

  • Increased flexibility: Allows end users and customers to access office communications from any location or device.
  • Lowered costs: Customers don’t have to manage expensive hardware.
  • Improved talent attraction and retention: Gives employees the tools that will allow them to succeed and keep them from moving to another company.
  • Faster deployment: Quick and easy software implementation enables automatic updates.
  • Added selling points: Opens dialog with potential clients by addressing high-level communications needs.

For resellers, UC represents a rethinking of the business model from the big-margin sale to making margins from recurring revenues as a result of a wide base of ongoing relationships. With an understanding of UC solutions, resellers will further enhance these relationships by being able to troubleshoot questions about UC, such as how to set up a conference call.

Distinguishing yourself in the marketplace by understanding the value of UC for your customers is going to be essential to your profitability going forward. Let us help you: Star2Star’s Partner Program can get you on the road to understanding and selling advanced communications services.


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