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Since the company’s founding in 2006, Star2Star has grown rapidly thanks to technological innovation. Cloud-based Unified Communications (UC) offered businesses the chance to dramatically reduce costs and add critical features such as disaster recovery and a rich suite of communications options.

Star2Star’s team of visionaries found a way to combine the cost-savings and feature suite only the cloud can provide with the call quality and reliability that was previously available with on-premise systems. They designed a unique cloud architecture and developed revolutionary new technologies to implement it. The result was the best of both worlds in a single solution. The combination of the StarBox® Cloud Connection Manager, the ConstellationTM Network, and suite of features separated Star2Star from the crowd.

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Reaching For The Stars

Over the past ten years, dozens of UC providers have come and gone, leaving a trail of frustrated customers in their wake. Star2Star, however, has grown by over 130% in the last five years alone, and now has tens of thousands of locations and hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. This growth is not only due to sales but also customer retention, with a 99.85% retention rate--the highest in the industry.

Analysts and investors have taken notice. In the past two years, Star2Star has received more than $30,000,000 from prominent investment firms, allowing the company to grow even faster. Star2Star has upgraded nearly all of its internal systems and processes to easily facilitate their massive and expanding customer base. The company has remained on the INC 500 for 6 straight years, an unbelievable accomplishment. Gartner has included Star2Star in its Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications for the past three years, an accomplishment that many providers couldn’t even hope to match. Frost and Sullivan has also praised Star2Star in its reports.

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Continuing To Innovate

Most importantly, Star2Star has maintained its constant drive to create revolutionary new products and services. In the last six months alone, Star2Star has had several successful major releases, such as StarFaxTM Mobile, which allows users to send and receive faxes on their phones. Perhaps the most significant new product was the release of a new family of StarBox® Cloud Connection Managers. This incredible new technology promises to enable dozens of powerful new features. Star2Star’s future calendar is full of upcoming releases, including many that will greatly improve the functionality that the company provides to enterprise and international customers. In fact, it is these markets that Star2Star is specifically and successfully targeting for future growth.

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Star2Star’s history is one of success after success, but the unmatched team of Stars who have dedicated themselves to advancing business communications into the 22nd Century is far from done. Star2Star has already grown from a startup into a major leader in the industry, and the revolution has just begun.


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