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Star2Star takes the spotlight--just in time for the 2017 Solar Eclipse. Learn how we are like the solar eclipse by following us on Twitter and Facebook for live updates throughout the day.

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A solar eclipse isn’t something that happens every day. It takes just the right combination of timing, distance, and location to witness the event. This is particularly true for the 2017 Solar Eclipse, which will be one of the most widely witnessed solar eclipses in history.

In a similar way, our combination of solutions, support, and dedication to excellence are helping us to eclipse our competitors.

Our Key Differentiators

Here are a few of our best features:

The Constellation™ Network

Half of the whole solution, our Constellation™ Network is the cloud component of our unique cloud architecture. It is a network comprised of two primary data centers and eight points of presence at major internet intersections. The Constellation™ Network uses the data collected from these nodes to determine the best call routes based on distance, traffic, and connection speed. Our call routing and traffic shaping features rely on the Constellation™ Network’s redundancies and round-the-clock support for the ultra-reliable service we provide.

StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN

As the hardware half of our award-winning cloud architecture, the StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN is the on-premise component of your communications solution. It serves the traditional PBX function by directing calls to and from your location, but with the added benefit of connecting to the Constellation™ Network. External calls are routed according to the best path by the Constellation™ Network while the StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN can handle intra-office calls without needlessly transferring them to the cloud. StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN is designed with Quality of Service (QoS) that favors voice traffic first and foremost so that your calls are always clear and crisp.

StarWatch: Always-On Monitoring

Even the best designed systems will experience connectivity issues out in the real world of power outages and other disasters. This is why we have StarWatch, our 24/7/365 monitoring system. StarWatch is behind the scenes continuously checking connectivity and call quality with status updates every thirty minutes. When it encounters an issue, StarWatch notifies you of the problem and activates built-in failover procedures, which direct calls to active internet circuits, alternate locations, employee mobile phones, and even traditional phone carriers when needed. This is how we can guarantee 99.999% uptime for all of your critical business communications.

We’re Here For You

The most important benefit we can offer you is our unwavering dedication. This is why we go above and beyond to provide you with not only an industry-leading solution at an affordable price, but also those little things that make running your business easier. Star2Star solutions come with free installation, customizable pricing options (including support for CAPEX and OPEX models), and overnight shipping and replacement for all Star2Star hardware--even our phones. We leverage the expertise of our resellers with the industry knowledge and experience to provide a better network for you; a Star2Star partner is never far away, serving as another source of support for your business.

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Eclipsing The Competition

Don’t just take our word for it when we say we’re coming out ahead. Star2Star has been recognized fifteen times in 2017 for the solutions we provide. We recently announced our seventh consecutive ranking on the Inc. 5000 List, in the top 30% of telecommunications companies to be listed for five years or more--telecommunications companies comprise only 1% of the list overall. We also have been honored yet again with recognition in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

With this incredible track record as evidence and more solutions on the way, Star2Star remains on the forefront of technology, service, and innovation. While the UC space is reeling from recent disruptions, and potentially more to come, Star2Star will stay constant, looking confidently towards the future. Look out 2017 Solar Eclipse--you’ve got competition.

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