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Picture this: It’s the eighth inning of a baseball game. The manager calls the bullpen for his relief pitcher, but he’s nowhere to be found. As a result, there is no one available to help the team at a critical moment.

Just as a baseball manager needs to know his players’ availability at all times, you need to know where your employees are when they're on the clock. When it comes time to summon help to complete a task, you shouldn’t have to search the office or dial three different phone numbers trying to connect with someone.

Primary Benefits  of UCAs indicated in a recent survey from Software Advice, this is currently a widespread problem at the small- to medium-sized business (SMB) level. About two-thirds of end users at the SMB level currently have no way of viewing their associates’ presence information. Despite the widespread use of computers and networking technology, there is often no way to determine a connected user’s availability on the network. This means that many businesses are held back by missed opportunities and diminished productivity.

If your business is experiencing these problems due to a lack of visibility into employee status, it may time to embrace presence management technology - one of the most helpful Unified Communications solutions for streamlining employee collaboration. Using presence tools, all the members of your organization will have the ability to see who is available, and on what device, over a variety of channels including chat, text, voice and video.

With Star2Star’s StarScope2, employees can monitor and control all of their communications in one place. In addition, users gain access to helpful features including favorites and recently called lists, an integrated company-wide directory and a multiparty Instant Messaging chat client. In other words, presence simply helps bring people together.

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Data and graphs courtesy of Software Advice, an online telecom comparison firm.


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