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Communication may be more art than science, but the science that enables it is certainly enjoying its day in the sun.

According to recent research from IDG Enterprise, unified communications (UC) will see a surge of adoption in the next several years among both enterprise and SMB organizations. Ther variety of communication methods is exploding (everything from voice to video to chat) and collaboration is at an all-time high, both inside and outside the corporate walls.

The positive business outcomes of a UC strategy are numerous, whether you are hoping to improve customer support operations, maximize productivity, or streamline your company’s workflow. And while UC has the potential to have a significant impact on your business, it doesn’t solve an immediate and pressing problem, which can make it a tough sell to the powers that be.

It’s tempting to compare UC to simple telephony, but the benefits of this more sophisticated system go far beyond that of traditional phone systems. Your employees are likely already using a variety of communication methods, so why not make them seamless? Integrating voice, video, messaging, and presence management into a single interface has numerous benefits.

Boost productivity. Traditional business communication is often inefficient, leading to wasted time. A unified system helps make communication more agile as employees waste less time leaving messages and following up and more time chatting from anywhere in real-time, answering calls from any location, and conferencing on the fly, sharing information and exchanging ideas exactly when needed.

Encourage collaboration. Collaboration takes many forms which are supported by a UC solution. Increasingly, workers are spread across the globe. UC offers a consistent and reliable way for employees to connect, harnessing the power of free-flowing information, shared skill sets, creative brainstorming, and speedier decision-making.

Enjoy 24/7 availability, reliability, and backup. Many unified solutions include monitoring and management functions that allow your communication system to be constantly at the ready. A power outage with a traditional system could be catastrophic, but UC will be accessible no matter what. Star2Star has among the highest reliability record in the industry, with 100% uptime since 2011.

Reduce deployment costs. Rather than managing a host of separate networks for voice, video, and data, save money and be more efficient with a single communications solution. Your IT department can then focus on handling pressing local issues and services without having to worry about these details.

As businesses seek new and more flexible ways to manage and support a multitude of communication technologies, many are realizing that there’s a better way. Your current communication system may seem relatively reliable, but if your company is growing, chances are you will quickly feel the constraints.

When you’ve reached the tipping point and would like to find out more about unified communications, reach out to Star2Star. Our mission is to help people work together and achieve more.


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