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Are your customers concerned that they are paying too much on monthly phone bills?  Are they worried about what would happen if their communications system went down?  Are they unable to stop worrying because their investment in on-premise equipment makes it financially unfeasible for them to find a better solution? You can tell your customers that they don’t need to worry anymore. You can provide them with SIP trunks from Star2Star!

Star2Star’s incredible line pooling and bursting technology allows businesses to share a single pool of lines between all of a company’s locations. This cuts down on the total number of lines that a business must purchase and slashes the amount they need to pay. High call volumes are not a concern, either. Star2Star will automatically add lines on the fly (bursting lines) for a minimal fee when all existing lines are busy, meaning that customers never hear a busy signal! Reducing costs while improving customer satisfaction is a pitch any business will love to hear. 

A business that can’t communicate with customers, staff, or suppliers is a business that stops functioning, which is why communications downtime is so financially ruinous for most companies. That’s where StarRecovery™, Star2Star’s comprehensive suite of disaster avoidance and recovery solutions, kicks in. Star2Star will automatically route calls to remote locations and even employee cell phones if a company’s offices are inaccessible meaning that no call is ever missed.  Star2Star users with voicemail to email will be able to access messages from anywhere, meaning that no message is missed either.

Most importantly, your customers won’t have to replace their existing equipment! Star2Star SIP Trunks connect with existing on-premise PBX equipment, meaning it does not have to be replaced.  Star2Star can also adopt many different business phone models from leading hardware providers, allowing your customers to keep their entire system until it becomes financially reasonable to replace it.  All of the benefits of switching to the cloud while keeping existing equipment is a winning combination!

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