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seasonal trends

There are plenty of challenges you can’t control in business, like the economy, fluctuating market conditions, and changing customer volumes. Many seasonal challenges, however, can now be avoided thanks to recent advancements in enterprise communications. Emerging technologies like Unified Communications (UC) empower teams to plan ahead and capitalize on seasonal opportunities rather than fall victim to slowdowns and surges. 

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A growing number of businesses today are choosing to leverage Unified Communications for reliable, scalable, and secure audio and video exchanges. UC consolidates a variety of technologies like voice, fax, and text into a single web-based platform, making it easy and intuitive for employees to work together and exchange ideas. UC is a great way to keep employees engaged and productive at all times. 

Your Seasonal Trends Guide

Here is a breakdown of how UC can help your business anticipate seasonal changes and remain competitive throughout the year, especially with the holiday season just around the corner. 

Fall Ramp-up

seasonal trends

For many businesses across the U.S., August can be a slow month. As soon as September hits, though, business kicks back into high gear and employees need to be able to spring into action. Team members must work together closely and share ideas to reach their goals and meet fall deadlines for the busy shopping season and Q4 goals ahead. UC can be used to hold snap meetings with team members over the internet, which is especially useful for remote employees who cannot be physically present in the office. It also enables powerful and productive data sharing over email, text, chat, video conference, and other channels while eliminating time waste. 

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Holiday Rush

seasonal trends

The fall ramp-up leads directly into the busy holiday rush, and this year experts are predicting another especially active season — particularly around the time of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. According to one expert, the period between Thanksgiving Day and Saturday, Dec. 1 will generate 37 percent of total U.S. holiday retail sales. Businesses need to be prepared to handle more incoming calls during this time, in order to provide great customer service and drive sales. Having a strong UC platform supported with 4G LTE network failover is critical during the busy holiday season, to avoid costly network downtime. UC is a must-have technology for busy call center agents as well as sales and marketing teams.

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Post-holiday Planning

seasonal trends

After the busy holiday season ends, it’s important to keep the momentum rolling throughout the winter months. Team members can use UC to collaborate during the late winter and early spring months, sharing ideas on promotions and sales and outlining goals for the coming year. The period directly after the holidays may seem like a slow time, but look at any successful business and you will see that they use this time to coordinate and get ahead. 

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Summer Slowdown

seasonal trends

Summer will be here again before you know it, bringing with it employee vacations, out of office messages, and delayed sales. During this time, when revenue may dip, it’s helpful to have a scalable telecommunications system in place to reduce your phone lines and save money. This is very difficult to accomplish with a traditional phone system, but with UC scaling down takes no time at all. 

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UC can also help during the summer by enabling remote work. If employees want to work from home or go on vacation, for instance, UC can provide a secure portal through which they can still get in touch with other team members. UC also has a handy presence feature, so that workers can see where employees are and when they are available to communicate. With UC, managers can feel much better about granting their workers the freedom to roam outside of the office. 


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