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The Unified Communications (UC) space is taking off in new directions and exploring exciting possibilities. If you’ve kept up to date, you’ve noticed disruptive M&As, the emergence of bold new players, and hints at what new capabilities to expect. By design, UC is meant to streamline and simplify how we connect with our devices, our contacts, and our world as a whole. UC providers are striving to innovate and adopt the technologies of tomorrow that will help customers be more productive. 

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SD-WAN: The Next Iteration Of Your Network

One of these technologies has gradually increased in popularity over the last year. SD-WAN, which is short for Software Defined Wide Area Network, is a software-based tool that helps a user manage how their network delivers data. With this technology, businesses can choose specific network pathways or types of data that should receive priority. It is also possible to dictate which data travels over which network, including MPLS, public internet, and VPNs in combination. This level of control in today’s “as-a-service” market where personalization reigns could be the next step in truly customizing business workflows.

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Enter Unified Communications

A well-designed UC system should seamlessly combine all forms of communications including voice, video, conferencing, chat, mobile, fax, presence management, and more. Today’s businesses are always-on and rely on increasingly mobile workforces. The ability to be agile and real-time in increasingly fast-paced markets is seen as paramount to increasing profits. Software-defined network controls can help make UC more efficient than ever before and has the ability to exponentially maximize a business’ productivity.

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How It All Intersects

UC solutions with SD-WAN capabilities offer businesses new ways to prioritize their mission-critical applications and manage network connectivity. For example,  businesses can use it to prioritize customers’ most popular communications preferences and stay within bandwidth limits without compromising communications quality. It also enhances communications security by allowing you to automatically route confidential communications to private networks. With SD-WAN, all of your networks will be connected by centralized controls, bringing additional ease to UC.

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