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It’s nearly that time of year fans wait for all summer.  We're only two weeks away from the beginning of football season. For every team in the league, never mind the fans, a winning record is the hope and goal every autumn as the leaves turn orange and sweaters come out of storage. Success is largely dependent on the skills and finesse of a squad’s quarterback, who has more influence on the game than any other player.

Regardless of a quarterback’s talent, however, he’s unlikely to achieve success without quality receivers to catch his passes. Completing a pass requires teamwork, just like an effective telecom partnership.

The Star2Star Partner Program embraces that spirit of teamwork by working tirelessly to put money in our teammates’ pockets. As part of that commitment, we offer training that helps our partners learn our technology and feel comfortable selling it. By the time you leave our two-day training session, you’ll have the confidence you need to start making sales right away.

Another advantage of the Partner Program is that Star2Star sells only to the channel, not directly, so we are always on your side and are never one of your competitors. Our primary goal is to remove headaches, giving you as much time as possible to focus on selling.

For that reason, Star2Star will pre-configure your customer’s system—based on that company’s specific needs—and test it thoroughly before it’s shipped. Partners with the necessary expertise can install the system themselves while others can utilize our professional services, which are comprised of industry experts who handle support as well as implementation.

If you’re an agent or reseller looking to boost profits, you’ve got a friend in Star2Star. Just think of us as your star quarterback, helping you get across the goal line to bigger revenues.

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