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There is no better base for long-term business relationships than reliability.

Companies may claim it in their pitches and promises, but reliability is typically something that consumers need to experience for themselves. Only time and performance can prove it. This is especially true in the technology industry and in the current global marketplace, both of which are more competitive than ever.

As the pace of commerce quickens and competitors look for any opening to edge ahead, businesses that can stay the course and offer consistency and peace of mind to customers will excel in the long run. For telecom resellers, reliability is synonymous with quality offered to clients, primarily in the form of unwavering uptime.

Star2Star’s award-winning cloud A=architecture offers the benefits of both a cloud-based and on-site communications system. Customers gain access to a powerful, intuitive communications suite that is adaptable and easily scalable because it is based in the cloud.

Additionally, the system’s on-site component makes it more reliable than pure cloud-based solutions; a 99.999 percent uptime guarantee means customers don’t need to worry about costly downtime.

In a world of constantly advancing technology, customers demand products that work—no questions asked. No apology for a service outage can ever make up for the productivity lost during the time a system is down. If you can’t provide reliable communications solutions for your customers, before too long, they will find somebody who can. And that is not a sustainable business model.

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