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remote work 2021

In many ways, 2020 was a wakeup call for global businesses regarding remote work. Countless organizations learned the hard way that remote work requires having much more than just a laptop and an internet connection. It requires having a robust framework in place to grant access to applications and services securely and reliably.

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Throughout 2020, Sangoma helped businesses transform their approach to remote work. We responded swiftly to the pandemic, introducing new solutions that deliver cutting-edge user experiences from home environments. As we enter a new year, we thought it would be beneficial to reflect on how our work routines have changed and what steps we can take to continue success in 2021.

Sangoma Extends Remote Work Solution for COVID-19

In March, Sangoma announced an expanded Remote Work solution in direct response to the pandemic along with cost reductions and incentives for customers and partners. 

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The Remote Work solution contains an enhanced cloud communication capability, enabling businesses to leverage multiple channels like desktop softphones, mobile apps for Android and iOS and business SMS and chat messaging for a highly efficient and cost-effective solution suite. 

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“We are dedicated to helping our partners, customers, and businesses in need of remote working solutions as they deal with the threat of COVID-19,” said Sangoma President and CRO Michelle Accardi at the time. “We understand that this is an uncertain and stressful time for many companies, which is why we have made it a top priority to create offers of assistance that help companies of all types, not just those in Healthcare, Education, and Government. We will be here every step of the way to ensure the continued health and safety of our partners, customers, and communities.” 

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Sangoma Voice For Microsoft Teams 

Sangoma also announced an exciting integration with Microsoft Teams.

Throughout the pandemic, many organizations have been leveraging Teams to communicate and collaborate from remote locations. Businesses love Microsoft Teams because the platform makes it easy to collaborate as a group.

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Yet, while Teams is great for communication and collaboration, the service does not have strong native voice functionality. And Microsoft’s calling plans are expensive to implement. 

Now, companies can use Sangoma's leading Business Voice service to integrate with the Microsoft Teams softphone client for superior voice quality. This capability allows businesses to maximize their technology investments and enjoy the highest quality communications possible. 

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How Can Sangoma Help Your Business?

Sangoma has everything your business needs to thrive in this new and uncertain era of remote work, from video meetings to enterprise-grade voice service. And best of all, Sangoma is now offering cost-effective bundles for customers.

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