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As a customer, unified communications (UC) can be confusing. There are so many offerings, so many platforms, and so many options for service that it’s difficult to know which way to proceed down this increasingly complex path. 

On top of that, most business leaders interested in UC are hesitant to make the leap because of their desire to protect existing investments in legacy technology and network infrastructure or because they’re concerned about how it will integrate with their existing infrastructure. In fact, an Osterman Research study found that one in six organizations admitted that their legacy investment in telephony and related systems is a key factor for not adopting a UC solution immediately. “Rip and replace” simply isn’t a viable option. 

The best UC providers recognize this reality. It’s true that the benefits of UC and time to return on investment (ROI) will vary from one organization to the next, because no two businesses are alike. That’s why you need solutions designed with your company in mind. Customized solutions tailored to individual needs will help you venture into UC on your own terms, and that includes careful consideration of your current tools and connections. 

This type of flexibility is particularly important when it comes to network connections, yet few vendors actually have the ability to customize. Some solutions require private multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) networks, which are often favored by enterprises for being highly reliable and secure. However, MPLS networks are expensive and may not be cost-effective for every organization; they also aren’t available everywhere. 

Other solutions rely solely on Over The Top (OTT) connections, a model that’s growing in popularity as of late. While OTT solves some communication challenges, research shows that it’s most effective for text and instant messaging, but the quality of voice and video calls is significantly lacking. Security is also an issue.

At Star2Star, we like to make things easy. Our unique cloud architecture supports heterogeneous networks. You choose how you want to connect. You don’t need expensive MPLS or dedicated private IP connections to know your communications are secure. Our StarBox® Cloud Connection Manager has multiple levels of security, allowing only specific traffic to specific services and inbound traffic only from Star2Star’s range of IP addresses. Our Cloud Connection Manager ensures the same exceptional call quality claimed by more expensive networks.

If you’d prefer to leverage your existing network connection, that’s an option, too. You can bring your own bandwidth and still take advantage of our entire suite of voice and data applications, as well as disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. Our solutions work on virtually any bandwidth of sufficient strength. 

Building a network strategy that’s right for your business is part of our commitment to providing the highest possible quality of service. If you’d like to consult with a Star2Star dealer about your existing connections and custom-engineering a solution that’s right for you:

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