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It’s that time of year again. With a new fiscal year starting, businesses will once again be looking for ways to improve their business communications. Where’s the best, and often easiest, place to start making improvements? It’s your communications system, of course.

In today’s hyper-connected business environment, a traditional phone system no longer cuts it. Legacy phone services come with a number of complications and headaches. They handicap customer service, stifle scalability, lack sophisticated features, and leave you susceptible to costly downtime.

For those in the market for an upgrade, consider a unified communications system with advanced features like that offered by Star2Star. Unlike other business VoIP and UC providers, Star2Star takes a unique approach to communications by providing a highly redundant cloud-based solution anchored by an on-premises product that is smarter than the competition’s offerings. 

 Here’s a rundown of just a few of the features you’ll enjoy with Star2Star:

  • Disaster recovery: Star2Star's Disaster Recovery ensures you always have a reliable phone connection during outages or disasters.
  • Mobile flexibility: Mobile Softphone (iOS) and Mobile Softphone (Android) allows users to place and receive calls using your Star2Star communications system.
  • Collaboration: With Team Hub, employees can hold productive conversations and work together actively without even picking up the phone or attending an in-person meeting.
  • Videoconferencing: Have more than one office? No problem. With Video Meetings, employees can connect face to face at the touch of a button, without incurring travel costs.
  • Presence management: Receptionist Console allows users to monitor and control all of their communications from a single intuitive interface. 

If that didn’t convince you to switch to Star2Star,

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