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While bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is often lauded as a flexible and employee-centric strategy, it has one major drawback: it’s difficult for workers to balance multiple personas on a single device. 

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Many workers, in other words, are now using a variety of cloud voice and collaboration apps at work in addition to their built-in native dialer, forcing them to mix personal and business data. This results in a highly-fragmented and confusing communications environment for the employee. It also creates a significant amount of risk for the business, as it siloes client and customer information instead of storing it in a centralized location.  

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BYOD is improving though, thanks to a recent advancement called multi-persona mobility. This technology allows multiple carrier numbers to work on a single mobile device. In this type of setup, personas are mapped to the native dialer on the smartphone. 

Multi-Persona, Multi-Benefit

Here are some of the benefits that multi-personal mobility can offer: 

Persona Swapping

With a multi-persona mobility solution in place, employees can share personas as they need to. For instance, if a worker leaves for the day or goes on vacation, another employee can use his or her persona to send and receive calls. This results in fewer missed calls and a stronger overall customer experience. 

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Carrier-grade Call Quality

Using third-party voice apps can result in reduced call quality, which can be detrimental to the customer experience. Multi-persona mobility routes traffic over a carrier network, resulting in clearer audio transmissions and fewer service issues. It frees the worker from having to use WiFi to make phone calls, allowing them to move between locations while still fielding calls.

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Improved Productivity

App overload is a major problem in the workplace today, as employees often spend more time toggling between apps than accomplishing actual work. Multi-persona mobility cuts down on app overload by allowing workers to utilize their native dialer for all of their calls. 

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Easier Provisioning

Multi-persona mobility is also much easier from a managerial perspective. IT administrators can easily provision numbers to full time, seasonal, temporary, and distributed workers through the cloud, instead of asking workers to set up business lines themselves. This saves time and allows for greater control over the business’s communications environment.

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