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Many MSPs are content with offering their bandolier of business services to customers. After all, those same MSPs are growing their customer base and creating profitable business solutions that deliver value to customers while fueling profits at the same time.

However, there is a vast land of opportunity available to MSPs who are willing to move beyond their typical “comfort zone” and embrace disruptive technologies that can be used to expand service offerings, increase profits and build long term relationships.

Case in point is the burgeoning Unified Communications (UC) market, which offers a suite of technologies that streamline and unify various pieces of communications technology to create an offering that is unrivaled by any other business communications technology.

With that in mind, it becomes very easy to see why UC services offer an incredible opportunity to MSPs, which cannot be ignored. What’s more UC is on a growth trajectory, with more and more businesses looking to jump on the UC bandwagon, yet encountering technical challenges that MSPs are well equipped to solve.

Nevertheless, there are several reasons why MSPs must entertain entering the UC market, including the following:

  • UC is a fast growing market: According to research firm Infonetics, a cumulative $377 billion will be spent on VoIP and unified communication services over the five years ranging from 2012 to 2016, driven primarily by SIP trunking and hosted VoIP/UC services. Moreover, roughly 15 to 20 percent of all new IP- PBX lines sold are part of a managed service or outsourced contract, making managed IP- PBX the largest segment of business VoIP services. That clearly indicates a potentially large opportunity for MSPs looking to jump on the UC services bandwagon.
  • Customers are generating the demand: Businesses are actively seeking robust unified communication solutions to help improve their operational efficiencies and meet their growing communications needs. The recognized value of UC makes it easier sell to businesses looking to benefit now and not later. Moreover, the cost savings UC has to offer is extremely luring to companies looking to bring down costs.
  • MSPs are well positioned to add UC Services: Simply put, MSPs have the experience and infrastructure options to quickly add UC services to their business offerings. No other businesses models are as well prepared as MSPs to quickly enter the market and generate revenue, while increasing customer loyalty and long term partnerships.
  • Connections: MSPs already have the “ins” to succeed in the UC services arena. After all it becomes yet another option that a MSP can offer exiting customers. What’s more, existing customers are already accustomed to the services model and the type of billing used – making unified communications just another operational expensive that can be quickly leveraged.
  • Fast Market Entry: By partnering with the right providers, MSPs can quickly craft a revenue generating UC service, without incurring excessive investment expenses and eliminating the need for a costly, drawn out ramp up process. Furthermore, providers can engineer a bundled offering that enables MSPs to sell, deliver and manage VoIP in a minimally invasive way.

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