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The workforce in the U.S. is increasingly filled with Millennials. In fact, more than one in three American workers today is a Millennial, according to Pew Research Center tabulations. Why does this matter? Millennials work differently than their older colleagues. As a group, they possess a digital mentality and love their electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and the like. They carry this mindset into their work environments, even to the point of preferring digital interactions to in-person ones. In fact, 41 percent of Millennials prefer to communicate electronically at work rather than face to face, according to a study by PwC.

If you’re a business that employs Millennials and you hope to attract and retain them, you may need to adapt your communication and collaboration processes to include today’s most-advanced digital technologies.

To this end, businesses should consider bringing instant messaging, or IM, into the workplace. It’s today’s pre-eminent tool for providing electronic communication. Utilizing an IM platform will enhance communication among all employees (not just Millennials), creating a more streamlined work environment, improving collaboration and increasing productivity. 

An IM platform will lend support to your entire workforce because it will do all the following for your organization:  

  • Streamline communication among employees: With an IM platform, employees are able to communicate more quickly than if they were using email or the phone. They simply open up the application, select the recipient’s name, compile a quick message, and hit send. Messages are received in immediately and can be responded to instantly without having to open up another platform. Employees can also talk to multiple people at one time through IM. This is great for group projects that require a lot of attention and immediate feedback or support. 
  • Aid in multitasking: IM is especially useful for multitasking. For example, if you are on a call with a client, you can stay in contact with your co-workers via the IM platform. In this way, you and your co-workers can exchange information back and forth about the client while on the phone. Juggling multiple conversations in this manner is less disruptive to workflow and much more efficient. 
  • Increase productivity: In-person meetings and long phone calls can really cut into the workday. After all, 57 percent of the 600 adults polled in a recent survey conducted by Workfront believe that meetings get in the way of their daily tasks. Excessive emails came in second, with 40 percent feeling as though sending, sorting, and replying to emails affected their productivity. IM, on the other hand, increases productivity by allowing employees to tackle work right from their desks in close to real time. Case in point, only 11 percent of employees surveyed deemed IM to be ineffective.

Adapting your workplace to better suit the demands of the growing millennial workforce needn’t be a significant challenge. In fact, it can be a breeze when you partner with the right company to deploy new technology and communication services to your business. 

Millennials are here in force. With 2016 right around the corner, now is the best time to consider upgrading your communications system and enabling it with Millennial-friendly features such as instant messaging. To learn more about how Star2Star can assist you in this process, click here



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