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Staying ahead of the competition isn’t just about having the best product or service anymore. It’s really about how quickly your organization can seize opportunities, change rapidly, and respond to shifts in the market. In essence, organizational agility is what gives you a competitive edge.

According to a survey conducted by McKinsey, greater organizational agility significantly impacts performance and overall health of an organization. (“Health” is defined as being able to deliver above-average financial and operating performance over the long term.) However, agility has yet to be achieved by most organizations. Only 12 percent of the companies surveyed by McKinsey identified themselves as flexible and quick to react to market changes (agile), and 8 percent were identified only as quick to react. More interesting, however, is this: companies that were both fast and flexible had a 70 percent chance of also ranking high on McKinsey’s Organizational Health Index.

To truly become agile takes more than a quick fix here or there, but experts agree that communication is key. Cross-functional communication, in particular, produces significant benefits, including better organizational efficiency and better execution of strategy.

Unified communications (UC) can help even large enterprises become more agile. With employees, supply chains, business partners and customers spread around the globe, you need a way to communicate in real time. While the technologies UC offers aren’t new, the way businesses are using them is. Organizations that use UC solutions are embracing a fundamental change in the way they operate. They are encouraging the frequency of collaboration, enabling greater productivity and response times, and empowering employees to get the information they need to make better and faster decisions.

Star2Star’s full suite of cloud-based UC tools has everything businesses of all sizes need to take the first step toward greater agility. In fact, 100 percent of our customers say they’ve already increased productivity by using our UC solution. Choose the bundled package that best fits with your organizational needs. Our rich suite of features includes:

  • Voice phone system: All of your company’s phones—regardless of building or location—will appear and operate as a single, unified system. Everyone is reachable thanks to flexible call routing, call transfer, unlimited voicemail, and voicemail-to-email capabilities. The system supports telecommuters as well. Our unique cloud architecture provides the highest possible call quality and outstanding reliability.
  • Voice conferencing: Connect employees from down the hall or across the globe at the touch of a button. Conferences can be created quickly and effortlessly, making collaboration easier.
  • Persistent messaging: Choose one-on-one or multiparty instant messaging. Connect your people in real time with Star2Star's Team Hub. This powerful business tool encourages greater collaboration.
  • Video conferencing: Have more productive meetings. Video Meetings is so easy to initiate you won’t need to call IT. It connects up to 12 users and has the capacity to add more users in audio-only mode.
  • Faxing: Choose Analog Fax for traditional faxing using a fax machine, or fax without a fax machine with Digital Fax. Digital Fax is the modern way of faxing, allowing users to send any type of printable file without printing a hard copy or using a fax machine. Users can even send/receive faxes on their smartphones.

Join the ranks of healthy, agile organizations with the help of Star2Star’s UC solutions. To see our complete list of bundled packages and features:

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