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The joys of spring mean more than embracing sunny skies and bright, blossoming flowers. It’s also a great time to help your business bloom with a Scalable Unified Communications System.

New communication technologies are being developed and brought to market at a very rapid pace. These new technologies impact expectations about business processes, but they also provide tools to help companies effectively collaborate and work towards common goals.

Scalability is key. Scalability ensures that your business solutions remain competitive while meeting employee needs and consumer demands. It should be at the core of your short and long term business strategy. So, how can a business manager keep employees productive and collaborating, while managing cost and offering high-quality communications solutions?

Star2Star’s Unified Communication solutions include a unique Cloud Architecture that lets customers take advantage of the features typically provided by both premise- and cloud-based systems. Our flexible solutions mean your business will only pay for the services it uses and can quickly ramp up or scale back capabilities based on need. In addition to VoIP telephony that blows legacy phone systems out of the water, Star2Star provides a myriad of new ways to communicate such as internal videoconferencing and chat.

Our Scalable Solutions also include quality services, applications and management tools to provide you with optimum services. For instance, our suite of cloud-based services is continually monitored to minimize downtime and maximize call quality. On the other hand, our on-premise StarBox® Cloud Connection Manager provides the best possible call quality for customers and gives you all the features of a traditional IP-PBX and more. Businesses such as Tarlov Financial, Hastings Professional Medical Equipment and even large national retail chains are having incredible success utilizing Star2Star for their communication needs. In other words, as the green grass begins to poke out and the weather warms you can also heat up your communications capabilities with best-in-class Unified Communications.

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