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One of the biggest contradictions in call center strategies today is the disproportionate amount of resources businesses spend convincing customers to reach out for service versus what they allocate for actually providing excellent customer experiences. According to an infographic from the On Hold Messaging Association (OMHA)—an international organization of audio marketing agencies—94 percent of marketing  budgets are aimed at convincing customers to call contact centers, leaving a meager six percent devoted to actually handling these calls.

That lack of investment on the service itself results in seven out of 10 customers being placed on hold immediately contacting customer service. The majority of callers won’t hold on for more than five minutes, and considering the aforementioned OMHA infographic shows that 34 percent of customers that call for service and hang up never call back, long hold times can cost a company prospects or existing customers.

In many cases, hold times are a direct result of agents searching a database for customer information. Enter StarContact from Star2Star Communications. Using technology that seamlessly integrates customer relationship management seamlessly with a unified communications solution from Star2Star gives your call center agents efficiency-driving tools and functionality that cuts down hold times, thereby better communication and increasing retention. When an inbound service call from an existing customer comes in, that caller’s information automatically pops onto the screen, eliminating the need for call representatives to rifle through a huge database looking for the relevant customer data.  This greatly speeds up call times (and therefore reduces wait times), provides more personalized service, and increases the effectiveness of calls.  To find out more about StarContact:

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