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Most of us think about New Year’s resolutions as opportunities to improve ourselves: We resolve to join a gym, to write that novel, or to call our friends and relatives more. It’s also a great opportunity to think about improving one’s business. What better way to start your business off right for 2016 than getting a new, flexible communications system up and running?

An upgrade to a modern, VoIP phone system with unified communications (UC) capabilities is not a complex endeavor, and it offers a whole range of benefits. A UC system can optimize communications processes, enhance collaboration between employees and teams, and help you serve your customers better. Employees can customize the way calls are routed, meaning they are always available to customers and partners. An enhanced communications system can reduce the communications complexities and expenses involved in connecting a geographically distributed workforce. 

Features like four-digit dialing across locations, mobile integration, chat functionality and find-me - follow-me functions can all help transform your communications system from a cost center into a positive differentiator for your business. You can use comprehensive reporting and analytics to monitor the trends that are affecting your company, and adjust to them. The potential savings when switching to VoIP and unified communications from the traditional wired phone system can be significant—up to 50 percent off your existing phone bill. 

For companies with call-center requirements, an upgrade to unified communications can help you better manage customer service agents and call queues. You can see who is handling calls and who is available to take calls, increasing the productivity of your agents. UC also offers holistic management of calls, chat, fax, and more to improve customer service. Businesses can choose how to route calls during off-hours, and appropriately staff up or down to handle the call volume. 

At Star2Star, our rich suite of advanced unified communications features can help your business start 2016 off right. To find out more, click here.


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