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Right now in Brazil, countries from all over the world are competing for the chance to be crowned World Cup champions. Watching these teams play in the most popular sporting event in the world underscores the fact that teamwork stands above all other characteristics as the key to success at an elite level of competition.

In World Cup play, all 11 men on the field move together almost as a single entity, traversing the field with crisp passing and perfect spacing. When one player moves forward on offense, another drops into his place to cover the unoccupied space and protect against a possible counterattack. If you watch enough matches, chances are you’ll soon recognize that the victorious side is almost always the one working most cohesively.

In that way, business isn't all that different than the World Cup. When you enter into a partnership, both parties must pull in the same direction to reach a successful outcome. Star2Star’s Partner Program fully embraces these ideals. When our partners make the decision to sell our products, we consider them an extension of our company. Star2Star only sells through the channel, so we’ll never be your competition; like teammates on the soccer field, we’ll always have your back.

As part of our commitment to our partners’ success, we provide extensive training that helps agents and resellers get comfortable selling our system. By the time you leave the two-day class, you’ll have the expertise you need to start selling Star2Star’s scalable cloud communications system right away.

When your customers start ordering our products, we’ll pre-configure the system based on that customer’s needs before it ships out. Our partners have the opportunity to install our solutions, or they can choose to engage our professional services for deployment projects. These industry experts are also available to help you manage your customer’s system for as long as you need. The bottom line is that with Star2Star you are never left to fend for yourself.

So what can you expect when you team with Star2Star? Well, considering we guarantee 99.999 percent uptime on a system that hasn’t experienced a second of downtime since 2011, you can anticipate higher levels of customer retention and the evergreen monthly revenue that comes with it. You can also look forward to growing right along with your customers, as our cloud-based UC is the most scalable in the industry, with solutions for every business size.

So as you take in some of the matches during the World Cup, consider just how critical teamwork is for a successful business partnership. With Star2Star, you can push your company forward on the offensive and still have the peace of mind that comes with knowing we are behind you.

In other words, just like an accurate pass from one teammate to another, our program helps goals become reality.

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