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Heads up, home health care agencies — we are entering a very busy time of the year. First, Mother's Day is coming on May 15. Then, three days later it will be National Visit Your Relatives Day on May 18, and Father's Day will fall a month later on June 18. 

With these family-oriented holidays quickly approaching, your business needs to be ready to handle large spikes in caller volumes. Your patients' family members will be more apt to call in over the next few weeks to speak with doctors and nurses, and to make sure that their loved ones are receiving an adequate level of care. These people may have important questions and feedback that they want to share with your team.

This begs the question: Is your phone system up for the task? Or will it become overloaded with extra traffic?  

If you're concerned about what may happen when call volumes spike, or if you've run into issues in the past, then it's time to stop and perform a gut check to make sure that your system is up to date and working properly.  After all, a poorly working phone system can confuse and irritate customers, which can lead to complaints and negative reviews. 

So, what should you do if you find that your system is not up to par?

Here's the good news: Star2Star can help.

One company that was facing this problem is Well Care Home Health of Wilmington, North Carolina. Well Care was struggling to ensure reliable and consistent communication across its disparate satellite locations. The company was also suffering from high telephony costs, and backend administrative challenges. The company needed a way to enable workers to answer calls made to any site, in order to provide a seamless and pain-free customer experience. What's more, Well Care wanted to migrate from a legacy system to VoIP. 

To solve this problem, Well Care consulted with its longtime communications provider, Teleco of Wilmington, who introduced the company to Star2Star's highly-scalable and renowned Cloud Communication Solution. 

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Implementing Star2Star's system proved to be a game-changer for Well Care. The company was able to consolidate its branch locations into a single account, which drastically simplified operations and allowed the company to route calls to a single group rather than an individual. As such, it's much easier to transfer calls from office to office now. 

Well Care is also benefitting from Star2Star's unified communications solutions, and its mobile application.

The best part is that customers do not know that incoming calls are routed, ensuring a much more seamless experience for callers. 

"Everything is seamless to the caller, even if they are in another state," stated Well Care. 


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