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Growing a business requires significant investments of time and money. Building a customer base, supporting employees, and providing excellent service are all business-growth drivers that are integral to tipping the competitive scales in your favor. 

While almost every business owner names growth as a top priority, a much smaller number take time to assess the company’s readiness for growth. Businesses that are fit for growth have certain things in common: 

  • Leadership has outlined clear priorities
  • Resources are devoted to activities that clearly line up with those priorities
  • A strong team, processes, and systems are in place to enable achievement of those priorities

Communication is essential to that last point If your business hasn’t put enough emphasis on enabling effective interactions between and among managers, employees, and customers, then your organizational structure may not be ready for the next level of growth.

Unified communications solutions are an integral part of the strong foundational support systems that exemplify “ready-for-growth” businesses. Communication is one of the most prevalent and important activities in every organization, regardless of industry. It contributes to all aspects of success, from building an effective team to strengthening customer relationships. Even the best products and services can only bring a business so far without effective communication tools. 

Despite its significance, few business managers have the time or the resources to emphasize communication, and that’s where Star2Star can help. 

Business leaders are usually crunched for time or money (or both), so Star2Star makes it a priority to design solutions that address these challenges. 

Our cloud-based communication solutions minimize the amount of time business leaders need to spend on management and oversight because we do all the heavy lifting. Installations are carefully planned by members of our professional network of installers to have little or no impact on your business operations. We also provide ongoing support long after installation. With or without an IT department, the end result is the same: seamless communication without the headaches and time commitment of ongoing maintenance.

Our solutions also maximize your investment. Our rich suite of advanced unified communication features provides a wide range of options to enhance the flow of communication and create a more agile and creative team. Among Star2Star’s industry-recognized communication and collaboration features are:

  • Our VoIP business phone system, which is the best in the business, with guaranteed voice call quality and 99.999 percent reliability thanks to the award-winning unique cloud architecture of the StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN
  • Video Meetings allows employees to easily set up and participate in videoconferences at the touch of a button
  • Team Hub provides productivity-enhancing instant text messaging, workspaces, and more collaboration capabilities
  • Digital Fax and Analog Fax solutions enable the sending and receiving of faxes either in the cloud or through a traditional fax machine
  • Managed network services offer security monitoring and around-the-clock network support

Improving business communications shows a vote of confidence in your company’s future. To find out more about how Star2Star can help your business grow

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