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The 2017 hurricane season has only just begun, and already meteorologists have tracked several storms over the Atlantic Ocean that could disrupt business continuity. If we're lucky, these storms, and the others that will surely develop this year, will fizzle out and produce nothing more than some light wind and rain. However, they could just as easily take a dangerous turn. 

Keep in mind that no matter what happens, the hurricane season lasts until November 30. So we have a long road ahead before we are in the clear.  

From a business communications standpoint, it's critical that you take the time to invest in a disaster recovery and business continuity plan. Foul weather can happen with little to no warning, wreaking havoc on communications infrastructure and bringing business to a standstill. 

Star2Star offers the StarRecovery™ system, for business continuity even when power, telephone, and Internet service is unavailable. StarRecovery will instantly detect an interruption, and then activate automatically for seamless continuity.

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StarRecovery™ offers the benefits and features of the main Star2Star business communications system, including unlimited voicemail, custom call routing, conference rooms, and email delivery of voicemail.

So take our advice:

You may not have any control over Mother Nature, but you do have the power to take preventative action. Don't wait for a major storm to disrupt your organization's business continuity. Have a plan in place. 

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