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Hurricane season is one time of the year that every business owner should have marked on the calendar. It’s no different than, say, spring cleaning season or New Year’s Eve, when you make your resolution. Hurricane season rolls around every year, and its effects aren’t limited to homeowners or residents living in vulnerable locations. It can also do major damage to any business—including yours.

When a natural disaster strikes, you have to be prepared —something that business owners in Pensacola, Florida and Mobile, Alabama realized after being hit with massive storms and floods over the last few weeks. Don’t be unwise in thinking that your business will be spared. You don’t have to conduct business along the coast or in Tornado Alley to encounter downtime, either; human error is actually the most common form of downtime and network outages can also threaten communications.

No matter the reason, you simply cannot afford even a single bout of downtime. In fact, the average cost per minute of unplanned downtime is now $7,900—a 41 percent increase from 2010, according to the Ponemon Institute.

Business disruptions are bound to happen, and you need to be prepared. StarRecovery™ is one of Star2Star’s premiere disaster recovery (DR) solutions, supported by cloud-based unified communications technology, designed to maintain businesses’ telephone service despite power, telephone and Internet outages. Even if a facility encounters physical destruction, the system will work to keep communications seamlessly flowing.

Benefits of StarRecovery™ include:

  • Unlimited Voicemail: This is critical during any sort of downtime so that employees can stay in touch.
  • Voicemail-to-Email: Voicemails can be transcribed and sent via text to email, making messages more easily accessible.
  • Customized Call Routing: Main or departmental numbers can be routed to an auto attendant or to a group of numbers, and calls can be routed to designated employee cell phones, landlines or remote office locations.
  • Conference Rooms: Sure, you’re able to hop on a conference bridge when scheduled—but you need to be able to conference during the unexpected.

Hurricane season is starting and Star2Star offers the best disaster recovery of any communications system, having zero downtime since 2011 and offering 99.999% uptime.  


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