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Effective communication is one of the most important tools for business success, but many organizations are hampered by an outdated, inefficient communication system. Your organization should make it a priority to replace your legacy phone system with a system that will optimize workflow and boost external and internal communication come the New Year.  

It’s already time to start strategizing new ways for your business to raise the bar in 2016. Your legacy communications system could be hurting you whether or not specific problems have popped up. Ask yourself: Does our phone system have the reliability and agility to enable our employees to easily stay in touch with customers?

If the answer is not an unqualified “yes”, then consider upgrading to a Scalable Cloud Communications Solution for the following benefits …

  • Reliability: Organizations looking for a new communications solution will most likely have three options: on-premises, pure cloud, and a mix of the two. An on-premises solution entails the use of a PBX (private branch exchange) device to ensure quality calls and reliability; it’s the more expensive option to acquire and maintain. Pure cloud solutions host the PBX in the cloud, which is less expensive—but often at the cost of quality. A mixed architecture utilizes both the cloud and an on-premises server to ensure quality and reliability. Because both systems are merged onto one platform, a mixed architecture tends to be more reliable than legacy. The on-premises solution will provide calls with crisp clarity, while utilizing the cloud will lead to feature-rich solutions available only in the cloud. 
  • Cost-efficiency: Due to its variety of service options, a scalable cloud communications solution can accommodate a variety of roles within your organization (e.g., CEO, CIO and administrative assistants). These customizable capabilities, such as shared phone lines, the ability to answer a phone call from anywhere, and no-cost interoffice calling, will save organizations money as they can pick and choose exactly what services they need. 
  • Increased IT staff productivity: Chances are that your organization has hopes of expanding. If this is the case, then more phone lines will become a necessity. For IT staff, this means a laborious process of installing new hardware and ensuring that the company’s on-premises system can manage the additional call load. In addition, the on-premises system will need monitoring and maintenance to ensure it is working up to speed. Sounds like a lot of work and time that your IT staff could be spending on other important tasks. By utilizing the cloud aspect of a Scalable Cloud Communications Solution, setup is minimal, and maintenance is no longer a pressing issue, as it can be monitored by the third-party supplier. 

With 2016 approaching quickly, the time to ditch your old legacy phone system is now. By using a Scalable Cloud Communications Solution, your organization will reap benefits across the board, such as saved money, a more productive IT staff and the reliability of utilizing both an on-premises and cloud solution.


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