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Seeking answers? Meet the new Knowledge Base, a tool that allows Star2Star to learn and grow with you.

Knowledge Base

Our enhanced Knowledge Base is a comprehensive digital library that adapts to your input, delivering frequent updates. The new Knowledge Base was designed with your feedback in mind and enables you to easily search through Star2Star’s available content and help guide the development of future content. The Knowledge Base is a one-stop shop for Star2Star information, including technical guides, support updates, marketing collateral, and much more.

Access the new Knowledge Base at

Interact With The Star2Star Community

A new voting feature encourages you to engage in the community, so you can rate which articles help you most. You continual feedback helps us serve you the most relevant content in a timely fashion. 

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Search Faster Than Ever

Whether you need a user guide for a new application or contact details, find what you need in seconds. For example, search terms autocomplete as you type them in the new Knowledge Base’s search box. In other words, if you start to type the word “brochure,” all the search options that are available will appear for you to select.

If you seek a specific piece of marketing collateral, fine-tune these results by inserting a phrase from that document in quotation marks. Our engine crawls the entire database of Word documents, PDFs, PPTs, and more to deliver the exact material you need. 

Want to know what information is currently trending? Filter articles by popularity at the top of every category list.

Stay Up-To-Date By Subscribing

Login to use our new subscription feature, which deepens your user experience. Get access to updates and more content, including search. Subscribe to specific pages, content types, and categories that you consider the most valuable, and receive real-time notifications when they are updated. 

Get Real-Time Updates

Another vital new feature is the Incident & Maintenance Update/Status area. Drop-down filters allow you to view updates by level of concern, so you’ll find out immediately when an enhancement directly affects the products you use most frequently. Also, see the status of Applications, Constellation™ Network services, and Voice services in real time.

Got Feedback?

Star2Star hopes you’ll participate in this new resource by sharing your feedback with our suggestion form at the bottom of the website. We’re excited to partner with you in delivering a streamlined and adaptive user experience.

Access the new Knowledge Base at


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