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Let’s face it: succeeding in today’s competitive, often ruthless, retail business environment is more difficult than ever before. With retail stores and corporate offices geographically dispersed, communication can be extremely complicated and ensuring consistency throughout each and every location can be a challenge. Moreover, the added pressure of upholding first-rate customer service is enough to keep any business owner or CIO up at night.

Fortunately, unified communication (UC) gives retail businesses the tools they need to bolster communications and deliver exceptional customer service by converging real-time communications services—such as instant messaging, telephony and voice services—with non-real time communication—such as unified messaging which includes e-mail, SMS and fax. Other benefits include:

  • Streamlined communications: UC provides retail sales teams and managers with tools, such as chat, voicemail and mobility, to stay in contact with customers and vendors anytime, anywhere, ensuring that no customer inquiry is left unanswered.
  • Visibility and Control: Sales associates are able to quickly get in touch with product managers or other team members if a customer has a difficult question that needs answering on the spot. For example, presence technology gives team members visibility into an employee’s availability and allows queries to be routed to the appropriate person immediately.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Retail companies have any number of locations dispersed throughout; unified communications allows businesses to share lines across locations, while significantly bringing down costs.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: UC provides easy access to important information while away from the desk, enabling team members to respond faster to pressing issues.
  • Collaboration: Unified communications encourages and empowers employees to communicate with others whenever and wherever they need too. For example, sales managers can train remote employees through the use of video conferencing, saving money and time.

Don’t let a lack of communication and collaboration sour your operations. With the number of benefits unified communications has to offer, retailers cannot afford to miss out on this innovative technology.



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