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The role of the contact center has changed considerably over the years. Unlike the past in which the contact center was chiefly responsible for monitoring call quality and bound by the confines of a brick-and-mortar facility, today’s contact center is far more complex—oftentimes virtual and replete with remote workers. With increasing demands, high customer expectations and dwindling budgets, contact centers face many challenges.

To help manage customers and cut costs, contact centers today are rapidly turning to unified communications (UC) solutions as they afford businesses with a robust set of features that can help improve the customer experience and drive efficiency. These features include:

  • Instant Messaging/Video/Call Conferencing: Quickly chat, video or conference call other agents and share information seamlessly.
  • High Call Quality: A clear, crisp phone call is just as important for the customer as the agent, as it helps improve the customer experience.
  • Multi-Location Operation: All phones appear and operate as a single, unified system, giving geographically dispersed (i.e. remote) agents the same features and continuity as in-house users.
  • Integrated Presence Management: Allows contact center managers to see which agents are logged into the network and what they are doing – whether it’s waiting to take a call, away from their desk, or on a call.
  • Call Recording: Keep call quality assurance, compliance and records all up to date.
  • Searchable Activities: All communications are captured including calls, videos and chats, allowing agents and/or managers to search for important information anytime they need it.

While the role of the contact center has undoubtedly changed, unified communications can help contact centers streamline communications, foster collaboration and deliver a better customer experience. After all, the contact center is the undisputed force that drives customer retention.

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